Truth about Jos killings, by police

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From the police yesterday came a refutal that the casualty figures of the Sunday, March 7, 2010 killing at Dogo Nahawa village in Jos South Local Council, Plateau State, was exaggerated by the state government. Speaking at a press briefing in Jos, the state Police Commissioner, Mr. Ikechukwu Ayo Aduba, said that the 500 figure released by the state government was fabricated.
He added that the actual figure of the victims stood at 109 as against the 500 referred to in many publications. Meanwhile, the Catholic Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI and the Canadian government yesterday condemned the Jos mayhem.
The state government through its Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mr. Gregory Yenlong, had released the 500 figure of casualties in the violence. But Aduba referred to the government's figure as very unwholesome and fabricated, which should be disregarded in its entirety.
The commissioner lamented that if peace was not given a chance, it might get to a stage when National Youth Service corps members may not be posted to the state again. Soliciting the co-operation of the public, he said the Police had re-strategised to ensure that all parts of the state were well covered by the security operatives, urging residents to report any suspicious movement to the Police.
Aduba put the casualty figure of Dogo Nahawa mayhem at 109, adding that it was the authentic figure. He said the Police Command had requested for re-enforcement, adding that they had been re-assured that re-enforcement was on its way.
Some 151 young men at Mangu were arrested for the offences of "unlawful possession of prohibited firearms and dangerous weapons and unlawful assembly. Investigation had further revealed that they took the laws into their hands by taking up arms in apparent defence of their communities against any possible reprisal attack."
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