Jos crises: wake-up call for Christians and kudos to governor Jang

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We, members of the Christian Rights Forum, Nigeria, having listened to the  propaganda and  attacks by some members of the Muslim community in Northern Nigeria over the recent Jos sectarian violence, and indeed all sectarian crises in Nigeria, have found it expedient to issue this press statement in order to correct some of the misinformation, and expose the deliberate falsehood that has become the hallmark of the perpetrators of the terrorism unleashed on innocent Nigerians and non-Nigerians, especially in the northern part of the country. While we sympathise with the innocent Nigerians and non-Nigerians that lost their relations and property, we congratulate Governor Jonah Jang for his courage to promptly intervene and restore normalcy and peace despite all overt and covert attempts to frustrate his patriotic efforts. The attacks and incessant calls for his removal underscore the fact that the crises were premeditated and masterminded by forces beyond the state. The neglect of the cause, that is, the blockade of a road to a church and subsequent massacre of worshipers in it by some Islamic zealots, and the deliberate focus on the reprisals on the perpetrators of the barbaric massacre presuppose an orchestrated agenda on the Christians. Nigerian Christians should therefore be weary of the deceit that the persistent crises in Jos were between the indigenous Berom natives and Hausa settlers. If it were so, why were other non-muslim residents and their property as well as churches all over Jos and its environs attacked?  Moreover similar unprovoked sectarian violence by some of these Islamic zealots experienced in Langtang, Wase, Barkin-Ladi, etc, revealed the same tricks by the perpetrators of the genocide who always claim that it is against the natives of those areas, and yet the attacks were directed at churches and other Christian settlers of those areas.

We are also encouraged by the fatherly role played by the Acting President, Dr Jonathan Goodluck. The Vice President’s unbiased and prompt response to the crisis halted the army’s questionable deployments at the onset of the violence. This is a departure from the past. It would be recalled that during the preceding mayhem in 2008, the supposed mother of the nation, the First Lady, Mrs Turai Umaru Yar’adua visited only the muslim victims and gave them relief materials.
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