We’re not behind Jos killings- Fulanis

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The National Chairman of the Fulani group, Fula Development Association of Nigeria (FULDAN) Ahmad Usman Bello, has denied allegations that Fulani herdsmen were behind the recent attack in some Jos villages where hundreds of people were killed.
Speaking to newsmen in Kano yesterday, the FULDAN chairman said it was wrong to point accusing fingers at the Fulanis, saying his kinsmen were peaceful.
“There is no evidence that our people did it. The crisis is either religious or ethnic,” he said.
He said Fulanis were not the only Muslims in Plateau State.
 “The question I want to ask is this, why are people mentioning the Fulanis? Are they the only Muslims in Plateau State? Or are they the only non-indigenes in the state? I want an answer from the authorities. To say our people are behind this ungodly act is most unfortunate. They want to portray the Fulanis as terrorists, but we are not. This is our country and we consider this accusation as an attempt to tarnish our image,” he added.
Bello maintained that the perpetrators should be brought to book, adding that prosecuting them would serve as a deterrent to others.

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