Northern Reps want ‘Niger Delta option’ for Jos

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Northern lawmakers in the House of Representatives on Wednesday asked Acting President Goodluck Jonathan, to apply the same ‘economic package’, which helped arrest violence in the Niger Delta, to Jos, Plateau State.
The Northern Caucus said in a statement yesterday that the problems that have promoted bloodletting in Plateau State are more economic than religious or tribal.
“We are not saying there is no religious undertone, but if someone has a job that closes in the evening, he will have no time to take part in a riot at night,” said Terngu Tsegba, a representative from Benue state, and the chairman of the group.
The real problem
The group said it identifies ‘poverty and frustration’ as the major cause of the crisis that has claimed thousands of lives during various episodes of massacre in the Plateau area.
The caucus’ members come from the 19 states of northern Nigeria, although only six members attended the press briefing where the resolutions were read.
The statement condemned the killings that occurred Sunday morning in the Doggon Nahawa village in Jos South Local Government Area where at least 500 people died. “Our sympathy goes to the families and relations of those who lost their lives, the government and people of Plateau state,” the group said.
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