Nigeria: Jos Killing - Governor, GOC And the Truth Beneath

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In the last one week or so that Jos, the nation's Tin City, witnessed another orgy of killings, which is gradually, but unfortunately becoming its second identity, sane Nigerians, nay, the entire world have been beside themselves with indignation. The outrage has been as diverse as it is widespread.
The general condemnation, nationally and internationally, indicate a refreshing feeling that those who revel at the sight of human blood are still in the minority. Naturally, events in the world have shown that it is impossible to make it totally free of men and women, who would rather live like animals than humans, whose source of happiness is measured by the level of bestiality they inflict on fellow men.
The world, it seems, would continue to be stuck with men, like Adolph Hitler, who sent six million Jews to the Gas Chamber or Osama Bin Laden, who caused the death of close to five thousand people in less than five minutes, when he brought down the World Trade Centre or the butchers in Rwanda, who massacred more than 800,000 of their compatriots in a fell swoop. Yes, there will continue to be scenes, it seems, like the Mumbai bombing, the numerous carnages in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan for as long as there are men who have filled their hearts with loathing for fellow human beings.
For as long as they exist and use the wrong template in dealing with others other than the one handed down by God, humanity is not likely to see the last of the Boko Harams, Jos, Ife-Modakeke, Aguleri-Umuleri. Stories of Odi and Zaki-Biam would continue to be told, because the men that make them happen have not been removed.
But then, because they are in the minority and hopefully will remain so, they will continue to be in hiding from the majority, who cherish life and would want to preserve it.
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