Men failed the nation in Jos

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The genocide in Jos is an indictment on all of us especially the fathers of Nigeria . As a father, my conscience pricked to the limit by the blood of innocent children and mothers that were killed in Jos, whether the 150 or 500 in number.

I think we as fathers have failed to protect our wives and children in times like this when some men have completely gone mad. You see, when men make wars the children and mothers suffer. In his book, The fatherhood principle Dr Myles Munroe challenged every father to Be the solid foundation of your family.

Develop the potential and gifts of children. Learn what a father really is. Discuss your life’s vision. Identify the five vital purposes of the male. Dr Munroe says “Men are supposed to ‘fasten’ the society - to secure it with beliefs and principles that don’t change” According to him “A father encourages steady, consistent, progressive growth in his family. A father encourages his family members to grow in God’s limitless potentials”

It is therefore right for me to conclude that the needless blood bathe we have been having in Nigeria since 1960 has been as a result of failure of men to do their God’s given duties as godly fathers. The President, the Governor, the Chief of Defense staff, the Chief of Army Staff, the IG of Police, the Commissioner of Police, the GOC 3 Armoured Division Jos are all men who by acts of omission or commission failed mothers and children they were supposed to protect.
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